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Harry Potter Discussion
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Howdy folks :)

The supercalifragilisticexpialidocious firequill and I actually met, 4 years ago, through a HP discussion, so we're eager to get some good ones going.

But please note that although we are fans of the movies and do have favourite 'ships etc, we have an incredibly low tolerance for discussions like "OMG! DrAcO is sooo hawt!!11! His liEK teh BEST sXe eva!11!!!!11one".

We are hear to discuss the books and the story lines. Please remember that and happy discussing!

Tell us how you feel:: cheerful cheerful

Now there's 4 thoughtful people or I agree, or that can't be, but I've got a thought!
Welcome everyone to HP_Discuss.

You've read the user info, you know what it's about. This community is friends only, you can post whatever you like - spoiler warnings have been made.

The lovely satay_chicken will be my Co-Maintainer, if you have any questions or concerns, let us know.

There will organized discussions a "topic of the week" if you will, and also general discussion anytime someone wants to start something. I'll try my hardest to keep an organized memories listing.

Well what are you waiting for! Get to discussing!
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