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Harry Potter Discussion

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Your Moderators are firequill and satay_chicken.

This community is FRIENDS ONLY.

This is a community to discuss the Harry Potter books. We're not affiliated with anyone.

This community will contain spoilers for all 5 books. This community may contain spoilers for supplemental books and any books published about HP discussion.

This community is not to discuss whom you ship in the Harry Potter world. Speculations about who someone might end up with are acceptable. Posts/threads stating "HaRry <3 Hermmie 4-eva" are not.

Movie discussion will now be allowed. All things to do with the newest movie, HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban must be put behind a cut tag.

I will be making a post/thread for discussion (hopefully) about every book chapter, and then general spoilers/specs etc.

I used to go to a message board that was excellent for discussion - it's no longer the board I loved for discussion it's moved on to other things - I still love the board. I still have questions/specs/topics I'd love to discuss with other fans. Honestly this is mostly for my old friends from there, but please ... if you're my friends, you know who you are, invite some people who don't suck *wink* and get your tails and theirs in here!
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